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Frontier 370
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frontier 370

Minilab Frontier 370 has a processing capacity of 1,550 prints per hour for a 3R size image and 1,450 prints per hour for a 4R size image.

Frontier 370 Digital Lab System

Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier 370 Main Specifications
Input source
Print sizes
paper widths
Frontier 370
70Processing capacity
Approx. 1550 prints/hr
Approx. 1450 prints/hr
Approx. 200 prints/hr
Advanced Photo System (IX240)
3R C/H/P-mixed-format prin
25 exp. roll and index print
Approx. 44 rolls/hr
Media Prints
(printed from ZipTM or MO disk).
Approx. 400 prints/hr
Printable films (using standard or optional film carriers)
  • Advanced Photo System (IX240) and 135 (standard);.110, 126, 120, 220: optional;
  • Color positive film: 135 strips, piece and mounting (optional); Advanced Photo System: cartridge and piece (standard); mounting (optional) 120, 220 (optional), sepia (Advanced Photo System)
Print sizes
82.5 x 117 mm ~ 254 x 381 mm.
Acceptable digital media

Through external personal computer, prints from floppy disk, ZIPTM disk, CD-R, MO disk, digital still cameras (selected format), Smart MediaTM, PC Card, Compact FlashTM, and recommended scanners are available.

Processing chemicals
Chemical system CP-48S.


SCANNER & IMAGE PROCESSOR Frontier 350 / Frontier 370 (SP-2000) (Input unit) LASER PRINTER/PAPER PROCESSOR Frontier 350 (LP-1500SC) / Frontier 370 (LP-2000SC) (Output Unit)

Scanning section: 3-line CCD; scanning of transported film.

Film carriers:
  • 135 automatic negative carrier NC135Y (standard); 135F/P/Hv, 135 H, strips/piece (accepts sepia and black-and-white films).
  • Automatic negative carrier NC240Y for Advanced Photo System (IX240) film (standard); Advanced Photo System (IX240) C/H/P color negative cartridge/piece (accepts sepia and positive films).
  • Multi-film carrier MFC10Y (optional) 110, Advanced Photo System (IX240), 135, 126, 120, 220 (6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, 6 x 9) color negatives/ strips/piece; color positives/strips/piece/mounting (accepts sepia and black-and-white films).

  • Image processing: Optimal color reproduction processing, color gradation control, hyper-sharpness processing, hyper-tone processing, soft focus, facial expression enhancement, monotone finishing, red-eye correction processing, and others.

    Display: 15-inch CRT color display Multi-frame display capability (standard 6-frame display, can be set to display single frame or six frames).

    Power requirements: AC200-240V (50/60Hz) 10A, 2.4KVA

    Dimensions: 936 (W) x 805 (D) x 1,238 (H) mm

    Weight: Approx. 146kg

    Installation space: Approx. 0.76 m2

    Type: Floor-type, normal-light operation (laser printer, processor, cutter, sorter in one unit).

    Exposure system: Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers. (solid-state G and B lasers).

    Paper magazines: Two switchable paper magazines (standard accessory).

    Paper: FUJICOLOR paper (silver-halide).

    Paper widths: 8.9, 9.5, 10.2, 11.7, 12.0, 12.7, 13.0, 15.2, 16.5, 17.8, 20.3, 21.0, 21.6, 25.4cm.

    Back printing: Two 40-character lines in Backside print of information from Advanced Photo System cartridge film; one 40-character line for 135 and other film sizes.

    Front printing: Time and date of photograph in black characters in lower- right corner on prints from Advanced Photo System (IX240) cartridge film.

    Index print:

    Color index print and normal prints can be printed from Advanced Photo System/135 (negative, positive, black and white) film in one pass (by RGB laser exposure).

    Printer sorter: SU1100Y; sorting capacity: 11 orders of C/H/P-mixed-format prints. (25-order sorter is also available for the Frontier 370)

    Printer condition setup: Semi-automatic calibration by AD100 calibrator.

    Processor carriage: Multi-line, sheet carriage.

    Processing time: Dry to dry: 4 min.

    Power requirements: AC200-240V (50/60Hz) Single-phase 25A, Three-phase three-wire and four-wire, 16A approx. 6KVA.

    Dimensions: (with 25-order sorter): 850 (W) x 2,073 (D) x 1,850 (H) mm.

    Weights: (with 25-order sorter): Approx. 538kg (620kg during actual operation).

    Installation space: Approx. 1.40 m2.


    Frontier 370 Features

    Automatic film carriers

    The Frontier 350/370 handles four different film carriers, all of them designed to simplify the process of film loading and processing. The NC240Y carrier, tailored specifically forAdvanced Photo System film, reads the format of each frame of a roll of film for automatic "one-pass" processing. There`s also the NC135Y carrier for 135 film, the SC135Y carrier for mounted reversal film, and the versatile Multi-film carrier model, a newly designed carrier that handles 110, 126, 135, IX240, 120/220 and mounted reversal films.

    Fuji Frontier 370

    Two standard automatic paper magazines

    Fuji Frontier 370

    The two built-in paper magazines can be loaded with paper of different sizes (anywhere from 8.9 to 25.4cm in width) to make it easy to switch back and forth between sizes. Automatic loading eliminates paper replacement errors and minimizes paper loss during printing.

    Efficient, time-saving print sorting system

    The Frontier 350/370 uses an automatic sorting system to help achieve remarkably high output capacity. The Frontier 350 comes with a 11-order sorter, while the Frontier 370, a choice of either a 11-order sorter or a 25-order sorter. Each unit sorts and stacks prints by order, for easy filing and delivery. Prints larger than 152mm are fed to a stocker for separate handling.

    Fuji Frontier 370

    Simple interface
    Fuji Frontier 370

    The combination of a display monitor and an intuitively easy interface means that even inexperienced operators can begin using the Frontier 350/370 immediately, without a lot of time- consuming training. Up to six prints can be displayed on-screen at once, making it easier to check color balance./p>

    One-touch chemical replenishment

    Because the Frontier`s chemical system is all contained in a single cartridge, operators enjoy the benefits of one-touch loading and automatic mixing. This simplifies the task and virtually eliminates the possibility of mixing errors.

    Fuji Frontier 370

    Automated corrections for fewer rejects, and digital image treatment for super-high-definition output.

    The Frontier 350/370 incorporates image processing functions for high-speed image adjustment that would be impossible without digital technology – everything from the suppression of grainy appearance to the enhancement of facial skin tones. Image adjustment parameters can be set automatically to give you optimal print quality from almost any type of film.

    Perfect one-channel print system
    Fuji Frontier 370

    The Frontier 350/370`s advanced one-channel print system detects the film size and type automatically, controlling all processing and eliminating the need for tedious manual selection or adjustment steps by the operator.

    Image Intelligence
    frontier 370
    Center cropping
    Prints can be magnified or reduced, and then cropped, using the center of the film image as an axis. Cropping from the right or left side of the image is also possible. Magnification range: from 98 percent of standard magnification (determined by film and print size) to 42 times the film`s dimensions.
    frontier 370
    Monochrome finish
    Produces black-and-white and sepia monochrome prints from color negatives and color-reversal film.
    frontier 370
    • Backlight correction
      In an overly backlit scene, figures in the foreground are too dark and the background is too bright. The relative brightness of foreground figures and background is corrected.

    • Sharpness adjustment
      Improves the edge definition of objects, shadows and colors, while compensating for film grain, to produce crisp, clear photos that look as if they were taken with a higher grade of camera.

    • High-contrast correction
      In a flash shot with a dark background, foreground figures can be too bright while the background is too dark. The relative brightness of foreground figures and background is corrected.

    • Over- / under-exposure compensation
      In overexposed and underexposed negatives, brightness and contrast can be automatically corrected to produce prints of near-standard brightness.
    Fuji Frontier 370
    frontier 350
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